(Ossessione – Von Liebe besessen | Les amants diaboliques)

by Luchino Visconti

Italy 1942/43

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Luchino Visconti
Executive Producer:
Libero Solaroli
Production Companies:
Industrie Cinematografiche Italiane
Antonio Pietrangeli, Alberto Moravia, Giuseppe de Santis, Luchino Visconti, Mario Alicata, Gianni Puccini (from the novel The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain)
Aldo Tonti, Domenico Scala; Gianni Di Venanzo (camera operator) (b/w, 1.37:1)
Mario Serandrei
Music Score:
Giuseppe Rosati
Art Director:
Gino Rosati
Costume Designer:
Maria de Matteis
Massimo Girotti (Gino), Clara Calamai (Giovanna Bragana), Juan De Landa (Bragana), Elio Marcuzzo (Lo Spagnuolo), Dhia Cristiani (Anita)
143 min (3923 m)

Germany 103 min (2818 m), USA 112 min

16 May 1943 in Rome

"... a work of extraordinary beauty, in which the influence of Renoir can be detected and appreciated in the merging of character and landscape, and the stunning lyricism of the camerawork. ... recognized as the first true neorealist film ..."
— Pacific Film Archive

"Visconti achieved in Obsession a magnificent linkage between his tragic protagonists and their environment. ... it prepared Italian filmmakers, if not the Italian public or the critics, for an entirely different intellectual and aesthetic climate in which to work."
— Peter Bondanella, Italian Cinema from Neorealism to the Present

"... le film laisse une impression globale de laconisme, de réserve, de sécheresse, qui l'a empêché de vieillir."
— Jacques Lourcelles, Dictionnaire du cinéma

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None • Filmography Luchino Visconti
DVD Release Date: 16 July 2002
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DVD Release Date: 15 December 1999
Keep Case
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